Zesty! ('74 VW Riviera)

Building Zesty!

When Zesty was first accuired, only the stock front seats/dash remained. The cargo area had been stripped of its camping bits and a simple plywood floor was laid down. The previous owner had used this vehicle mainly for hauling around tools and building supplies however took immaculate care of the remaining interior. Heavily modified electrical systems under the dash resulted in many problems and a fix was in order. It needed camping interior, a rebuilt electrical system, and some sort of fuel/air induction system that could actually power the vehicle down the road at a reasonable rate of speed. Little did I know how far this project was going to go...

Zesty's First Pictures

Zesty Back to Stock (And Beyond!)

Camping Gear

Engine & Drivetrain

CIS Fuel Injection Conversion

Onboard Electrics/Electronics

Webasto AT2000 ST Heater